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This heartwarming tale of Red Riding Hood deviates from the original to create a wholesome story of inclusivity and kindness to all living things. After the scary Wolf is injured when he’s chased from the house by Grandma’s broom, Red Riding Hood decides to take care of the hurt animal. After realizing he’s just a hungry animal that also needs to eat, she is inspired to open a Pet Hospital and Adoption Agency, so no animal is left alone, hurt, or sick. Even the Wolf becomes a weekly volunteer!

All pieces made from Storytime’s unique combination of premium yoga/baby mat material (EVA foam) and high quality card stock. The Animal Hospital comes together like a 3-D puzzle and folds flat in a portable carrying case, conveniently designed to fit on your bookshelf. Assembling the set is as easy as pressing tabs into place. No tools or screws required.

Animal Hospital and Adoption Agency, Red Riding Hood, Grandma, Wolf, Veterinary Table, Animal Play Structure, four Customers, eight Dogs, a Guinea Pig, a Chicken, a Rabbit, three Cats, a Pig, Storybook, and Carrying Case with Strap

Made from EVA foam and card-stock


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