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The narrator, David Bowie, tells the children's story of Peter and the Wolf while the orchestra illustrates it. Additionally Leonard Bernstein narrates Camille Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. A combination of music and storytelling on this double bill will delight children and parents alike in this musical adventure by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

Orchestral music


Peter and the Wolf:
1. Introduction
2. The Story Begins
3. The Bird
4. The Duck - Dialogue with the Bird - Attack of the Cat
5. Grandfather
6. The Wolf
7. The Duck is Caught
8. The Wolf Stalks the Bird and the Cat
9. Peter Prepares to Catch the Wolf
10. The Bird Diverts the Wolf
11. Peter Catches the Wolf
12. The Hunters Arrive
13. The Procession to the Zoo

The Carnival of the Animals:
1. Introduction and Royal March of the Lion
2. Hens and Roosters
3. Wild Donkeys and Swift Animals
4. Tortoises
5. The Elephant
6. Kangaroos
7. Aquarium
8. Characters with Long Ears
9. The Cuckoo in the Heart of the Woods
10. Aviary
11. Pianists
12. Fossils
13. The Swan
14. Finale

Total Run Time: 57 minutes

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