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There ¡s movement and surprises at every stage of this fun, robot-themed domino set. Set the dominoes in motion and watch as they release a ball and unleash the mighty robot hammer.

* ROBOT HAMMER: As the ball collides with the robot hammer, its potential energy is released, and more dominoes topple. There are movements and surprises at every stage of this kid¡¥s toy
* INTERACTIVE KIDS TOY: The transparent tunnel reveals the running process of balls. Watch the whole process from start to finish!
* WATCH THE DOMINO EFFECT: Momentum is carried through the course by the momentum wheel, dominoes and the wooden ball. When the ball reaches the end, a finishing flag pops up for a dramatic ending as your last domino falls
* EDUCATIONAL GAME: Using the STEAM value (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), the mighty hammer domino toy introduces children to the concepts of potential energy, momentum and gravity.
* AGE RECOMMENDATION: This unique toy is perfect for kids 4 years and up

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