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LED wheels on the front and back give this classic Micro scooter that little something extra.

p>A Micro Sprite is the perfect model to start with a 2-wheel scooter: super light in weight and equipped with a practical folding system. The quality of the aluminum deck and the quality parts ensure that this scooter will be used by many different children. For 20 years, Micro has been making this model with some improvements after helpful feedback from users. This is the great value for money two wheel scooter.

Also for the Micro Sprite, Micro only uses the best wheels and wheel bearings. This ensures that the Sprite 2-wheel scooter bounces silently and much further than any other scooter. This is not just a toy scooter, but full-fledged sports equipment. You get a 4-year warranty on construction errors and we keep parts available for at least 10 years so that your scooter always rides well.

The Micro Sprite steers like a bicycle, you can turn the handlebars all the way 360 degrees. The front wheel is slightly larger than the rear wheel, which provides more stability and safety.

Did you know that a Micro Sprite can carry up to 100kg? So no problem if a very large one also wants to test it! Last but not least: the scooter always stays neatly in place, after all, it is equipped with a folding stand as standard.

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