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The Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe for Kids is the educational and entertaining globe that contains 1,000’s of fun facts, geography, and general information that is truly interesting, useful, and thought-provoking. Touch the wireless Intellipen to the globe to play games and explore amazing facts about the world. The wireless Intellipen is easy to use for all age groups. The included World Discovery Book features maps, world flags, landmarks, animals, dinosaurs, foods, explorers, moon maps, sky maps, and more!

The globe itself mounted with a full-swing mounting to allow for left or right up and down rotation to see each area represented. Also, it includes raised relief on the surface of the globe to bring a 3D effect to various mountains and mountain ranges.

How to Use Your Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe

The Intelliglobe II uses a wireless pen to “read” microscopic symbols on the globe and World Discovery Book. Touch the wireless Intellipen to the world globe or book to play games, explore, and discover amazing educational facts about the world. Intelliglobe II is one of the most advanced world globes featuring thousands of interesting facts.

Explore Features: To learn about a city, country, or area, use the tip of the pen to touch one of the Explore categories on the feature panel (located on base), and then point your Intellipen to a place on the globe. Touch different categories to learn more new information about the world. Explore Features include: Geography – Continents – Cities* – Countries & Territories – States & Provinces – Population – Music – Language Spoken – History – Life Expectancy – Economics, Currency, Main Industry – Ecology – Climate – Area in Square Miles – Current Time – Tourism – Animals – Food – Geology/Natural Resource – Distance & Flying Time

* City Population includes the greater metropolitan area.

Compare Features: To compare information between two places, touch two locations on the globe, one after the other. Compare Features include Population – Land Area – Life Expectancy.

Games: The Intelliglobe offers several different games you can play. To play Find Games, touch one of the find categories with your Intellipen. The Intellipen will tell you to find a specific location on the map. Find the spots as quickly as possible to obtain the best score before the time runs out. Find games include: Find Continents, Countries, Capitals, Waterways, Cities. Locations and Landmarks

To play Trivia Challenge, touch the Trivia Challenge category. The Intellipen will ask you random trivia questions. Touch the proper place on the globe for each item. Try to achieve a perfect score!

To play Multiple Choice Challenge, touch the Multiple Choice Trivia Challenge category. Test your knowledge. To answer the question, touch the A, B, C, or D button or a place on the globe. Try to achieve a perfect score of 10 correct answers.

Facts & World Records: Touch the pen to the Earth facts and Amazing facts category found on the base to learn exciting & surprising facts about the world in which we live. Information such as, “The coldest temperature on record, -128.6 F (or -89.2 C), occurred in 1983 at Vostok Station, Antarctica and the hottest temperature on record, 136 F (or 57,7 C), occurred in 1922 in El Azizia, Libya.”

World Discovery Book: The included World Discovery book contains a tremendous amount of fun information, maps, and more, such as World Flags, Supplemental United States Map, Flags of the United States
Europe Map, Lakes and rivers, Landmarks, Oceans, Standard Time Zones, World Mountain Peaks, Olympic Games Host Cities, Animals, Food, Explorers, Internal Structure of the Earth and Moon, Moon Map, The Solar System, The Northern Sky (Constellations), The Southern Sky (Constellations) and much more!

Ages: 5+

The Intellipen has internal rechargeable batteries charged using the provided USB cable. The USB cable can also be used to download and install future updates to the pen!

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