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NUMBER LINE TEACHING CLOCK: Our Number line time clock helps young learners to physically and mentally connect concepts between a number line and time. Helps kids understand that time is a continuous unit of measurement.

LEARNING CLOCK FOR PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN: Kids can learn to tell time easily by learning how to view time on a number line before putting the line on the clock. This can be worked on by kids independently!

ANALOG CLASSROOM CLOCK: Teachers will find that using the NumberLine clock will make it easier for kids to learn telling time on analog clocks by comparing the distance traveled for minutes and hours.

ESSENTIAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR KIDS: When shopping for your kindergarten or preschool student, our Number Line clock is a must have for your kid's school supplies going into the new school year.

MONTESSORI MATH MANIPULATIVES: Learning how to read an analog clock can be difficult for kids, which is why our Number Line clock is a great manipulative to make it easier to translate digital clock times to analog clock times.

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