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Summertime Excitement The glass doors are hardly open, and your child zooms through the lobby—racing to slam the elevator button. No unpacking necessary; they magic a swimsuit out of their bag and change before zipping back out of your hotel room like the living embodiment of a sugar rush. Down at the front desk, they’re waiting as patiently as humanly possible, for an excited child that is, for you to catch up—you’re sure they’re wiggling non-stop and pestering the desk attendant. But, when your elevator opens, that very eager child is exploring the potted plants that decorate the lobby lounge—an excellent 5-minute pastime. But with that, you’re sure if you had been any longer, you’d find them dripping and covered in sand, ready for an afternoon nap instead. Fun Details Bring the excitement of a beach vacation to playtime with this Playmobil Beach Hotel! This 401-piece set is a great way for your child to enjoy some summer fun year-round. Let them imagine the longest weekend spent on the beach or playing at the hotel pool before gathering shells for sandcastles. With all the accessories, rooms, and figures in this playset, your kiddo may have your next family vacation planned and ready to go before bedtime!

Ages 4+

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