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Paint on the watercolor, and let the "magic canvas" handle the details! The specially embossed picture cards absorb paint in some areas, and repel paint in others. Each stroke of the brush brings new details to life. The inks blend wonderfully, much like a controlled tie-dye. The end result is a vibrant, striking work of art. Inks are washable and non-toxic.

  • A UNIQUE CANVAS - This special canvas absorbs paint in some areas and repels it in others.
  • CREATE A RANGE OF COLORS - Mix and create a variety of colors to paint this canvas. Paint by science, not numbers.
  • KIT INCLUDES - One 19" x 25" giant canvas, 12 washable and non-toxic water colors, a handmade wooden paint brush, pipette, palette to mix and create a range of colors and one guide to understand the wonderful colors of the rainbow
  • RECOMMENDED AGE - For ages 8 and up.
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