Swingball Early Fun **

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Early Fun Swingball specifically designed for the younger generation. Rotating head, soft foam ball and smaller paddles are all created to help a younger child develop hand-eye coordination skills .Features: EVERYONE CAN PLAY: Featuring an all-surface base, the All Surface Swingball is designed after the Classic but suitable for even younger kids! Exciting competitive matches for the whole family. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Encourage active play and develop valuable coordination skills playing these family-favorite outdoor games. It is suitable for single or double play. PLAY ON ANY SURFACE: The durable, weather-resistant components are easily set up. The base offers amazing stability and can be weighted with sand or water for a sturdy anchor on any ground surface. PORTABLE: Easy to store and carry. All the parts conveniently fit into the locking carry base. From your backyard to the beach, you can have Swingball match anywhere!


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