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Assemble it and discover how Random Generator works.

  • The model kit comes with a QR-code to the study guide about the mechanism, the principal of its working, the main characteristics, formulas. It also includes interesting assignments.
  • Dive into augmented reality and look at how random generator works. Interact with the model via a special AR application from Ugears.

Find out about the Random Generator and learn how it works

For generations, humanity has been futilely wrestling with perennial questions, such as whose turn is it to take out the rubbish? Who will hoover today? And, of course, who does the dishes?

Those who volunteer to do all these chores have our eternal respect, but what if no one volunteers? The fair way to handle this would be to let chance decide and throw a coin. If you have ever bet on heads or tails, this means you got close and personal with probability theory and its practical application.

Ugears suggests an alternative to the classic coin solution that is not only elegant and fun but has an extra educational benefit. To all questions there is now the answer with Ugears model Random
Generator of the STEM lab Collection.

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