GOOD BANANA Rocket Chalksters™

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Chalksters Rocket ship holds your sidewalk chalk to maximize creativity without the mess.
They're sidewalk chalk toys for the imagination!
Includes (3) pieces of sidewalk chalk.
Clamshell design is simple to use and fits most standard sidewalk chalk. Insert one, two, or all three pieces of chalk to make cool designs.
Something to Chalk about!
Only from Good Banana, Chalksters, Rocket ship, unlock your child's creativity by making drawing with bulky sidewalk chalk effortless! It's clever design holds their chalk with a comfortable and secure grip. Even better, children can draw with up to three sticks of chalk (included!) at one time for amazing sidewalk art. Chalksters grip your chalk one of two ways—snap shut, holding one, two, or all three pieces of chalk in place for synchronized designs they can be proud of. Go ahead and load one up and pull it across the pavement to see them light up with a smile. They can be a play partner or a gateway to a new creative outlet straight from their imagination. They're a great way to get outdoors in the driveway, on the sidewalk, schoolyard blacktop, or inside on art easels too. When they're ready for another masterpiece, simply slot in a chalk refill—most common sidewalk chalk slots right in.

Ages: 3+

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