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Kids will love using Heebie Jeebies Periodic Table Fridge Magnets as a fun study and reference science tool! Each magnetic tile features the name and symbol of the element. Kids can arrange and rearrange the gasses and solids elements any way they prefer to stimulate their memory. Get creative and spell out over 10,000 words like C/H/O/Co/La/Te and F/U/N with this science set that includes 7 blank tiles. Soon to be a favorite among teachers and students as word games can be played and the periodic table can be created to memorize and review each element. The magnetic periodic table is a great study tool to help increase your students STEM skills. 

  • - Heebie Jeebies Periodic Table Fridge Magnets
  • - Includes silver metal storage tin
  • - Each tile features the name and symbol of the element
  • - Comes with 7 blank squares to make over 10,000 words 
  • - Use as a creative study and review tool to boost confidence and test scores
  • - Recommended for ages 7 and up
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