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Each player gets a pair of dice to roll. Shuffle the deck of Critter Cards well, then spread them out in a big, mixed-up pile within everyone’s reach.


  1. Someone says “Go!” and everyone immediately starts rolling their two dice as fast as possible, until they roll a pair. (Two 3s, for example.)
  2. As soon as a player rolls a pair, they get to find and collect that many matching pairs of Critter Cards. So if a player rolls a pair of 3s, they can find and collect three pairs of Critter Cards. If they roll two 5s, they can find and collect five pairs of Critter Cards.
  3. As soon as a player collects their Critter Cards, they quickly pick up their dice again and must roll another pair before looking for more pairs of Critter Cards,
  4. So, the flow of the game is… Roll a pair, find your pairs. Roll a pair, find your pairs, etc.
  5. Play until all the Critter Cards are gone. Player with the most Critter Card pairs wins the game!

Note: All players play at the same time. No taking turns.

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