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  The LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Dragon Temple (71759) set helps kids aged 4+ develop their building skills, so they can swoop into battle with the lovable ninja to protect NINJAGO City. This LEGO NINJAGO set features a posable dragon figure, 2 ninja temples, 2 posable trees, a toy dragon’s egg and a toy motorbike. There are also 4 minifigures: ninja Kai and Nya, plus baddies Cobra Mechanic and Sneaky Snake plus swords, a spear and a catapult. The ninja playset has been specially designed to give kids aged 4 and up a brilliant build-and-play experience. The set contains a Starter Brick plus each bag has a model and a character to get the action underway quickly. The pesky snake warriors are desperate to grab the dragon’s egg Kai is protecting at the temple. Sneaky Snake is ready to chase on his superfast motorbike, while Cobra Mechanic is armed with a spear and primed to fire his powerful catapult. But here comes Nya on the back of her ninja dragon to help kids save the day! This playset comes with interactive digital building instructions to make the experience even more fun for little builders. Available in the free LEGO Building Instructions app for use on smartphones and tablets, the zoom and rotate tools let young kids view the model as they build. They can save their progress at any point on the app. LEGO NINJAGO toys for kids 4+ help youngsters learn how to build while allowing the rest of the family to share the fun. Measuring over 3.5 in. (9 cm) high, 9 in. (23 cm) long and 6.5 in. (16 cm) wide, the dragon makes a showpiece in any kid’s bedroom Contains 161 pieces. Ninja Dragon toy teaches kids aged 4+ how to build before enjoying ninja action Includes 4 minifigures: Kai, Nya, Cobra Mechanic and Sneaky Snake The Ninja Dragon features a posable head, tail and wings for extra fun Specially designed playset for kids aged 4 and up The set can be displayed in a kid’s bedroom after playtimes 4+ playsets will help youngsters learn how to build Includes easy-to-follow picture instructions for kids.


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