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If you re looking for the perfect scooter for your primary school kid, then look no further than the Micro Scooters Maxi Deluxe Eco. This rugged, but agile, 3-wheeler scooter is the eco version of the award-winning Maxi Deluxe Scooter from Micro Scooters and is made from recycled fishing nets to limit the impact on the environment .Encourage outdoor play, Removable handle for easy transport or storage. Develops balancing skills and spatial awareness. All about me suitable from the age of around 5 years old right up until they are 12, this scooter uses the Micro Scooter lean-to-steer system. This intuitive system is easy for little ones to master and there is also a chunky rear brake to put a quick stop on things when they re going too fast! The adjustable handlebar has all their growth spurts covered and can be adjusted between 68 and 91cm (or 2ft 2in and 3ft for those who prefer!), and is made from an anodized stem for protection against wear and tear with grippy silicone hand grips for them to hold onto. The unique silicone molded footplate delivers superior grip for their growing feet and enthusiasm too! If you need to transport the scooter, or just put it away neatly for storage, then the stem and handlebars of the Maxi Micro Deluxe Eco can be removed with the click of just one button. The deck is made from recycled fishing nets that are removed from the ocean, cleaned and broken down into chips. The chips are then melted, colored and poured into our deck molds all to help protect the planet.
For ages 5 and up+

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