THAMES & KOSMOS Lollipop Lab

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Get ready to have fun making delicious lollipops while learning science and math! Whip up batches of red cherry and blue raspberry lollipops, plus a massive ring lollipop with both flavors! Learn about temperature as you use the thermometer to boil sugar and discover how it crystallizes to form hard candy .Gain experience with measurements, conversions, volumes, and weights, and then calculate the volume of your lollipops. The kit includes two special flavored lollipop mixes, a plastic molding tray, candy thermometer, measuring beaker, ring lollipop base, and lollipop sticks.
Newest addition to the best-selling candy science line.
Make your own lollipops in two yummy flavors: red cherry and blue raspberry.
Food ingredients included.

Ages: 8+


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