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The Little Dipper is a great introductory kit to the CDX Roller Coaster system! it comes with everything you need to build your very own block roller coaster! These roller coaster sets will give you thrills you won't find even on the real thing! The thrill of creating and building your own roller coaster from the ground up! The thrill of using a realistic chain with a crank handle to pull your rollercoaster to the top of the initial big hill and watching it zoom around the track, pulled by g-forces alone! The roller coaster train comes assembled and has "precision machined metal wheels for high efficiency and smooth operation." The high quality, plastic roller coaster pieces are all compatible with the world's leading building block system (and others like it!), if you want to create new designs. The Little Dipper contains 332 pieces and the coaster measures 19" in length, the Flyer includes 539 pieces and measures 28" long, the Sidewinder contains 825 pieces and stretches 38" long, and the Cyclone contains over 900 pieces and the finished model reaches a whopping 48" in length! 

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