HABA KUBU Ball Track Farm Babies Set

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The baby animals have run away from the farm! Nobody noticed as they crept away to the ball track for some rolling fun. Will the calf, piglet or foal be the first to dare race down the launch ramp? Then speed around two curves. But even the best day is over eventually. Then they need to hurry back home! Contents: 3 backdrops animal homes, 1 ball Karl the calf, 1 ball Frida the foal, 1 ball Svea the piglet, 2 spiral curves, 2 step curves, 11 connecting elements, 1 launch ramp, 2 backdrop clips, 2 straight tracks, 6 columns, 1 redirecter, red.

This adaptable and expandable ball track is a great introduction to the Kullerbu Play World with crazy curves for the farm animal balls to speed around as they race towards the bell at the end.
Includes a red stopper which children can use to "corral" the farm animals into their stable, or leave off for maximum speed down the track.
Kullerbu is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and highlights the advantages of each material making this sturdy play system one that will last for their entire childhood and beyond.
Contents include: 3 animal barn backdrops, 1 Karl calf ball, 1 Frida foal ball, 1 Svea ball piglet, 2 spiral curves, 2 stepped curves, 11 connecting elements, 1 launch ramp, 2 backdrop clamps, 2 straight lines, 6 columns, 1 red deflection stone.
Compatible with all HABA Kullerbu products. Balls measure 1.75" in diameter and ensure safe play for ages 2+

Ages: 2-8 years

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