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Election Night is a multiple award winning game, where two players or teams battle for critical electoral votes in a gripping race for the presidency. Use your dice pool to choose products or sums that could help you the most.

  • A home-from-school home run that teaches kids to think big things while mastering the hardest to learn addition and mulitiplication facts, U.S. state geograpy, and the mechanics of the Electoral College.
  • Double-sided gameboard includes addition and multiplacation game versions to keep kids sharp on math skills during home from school and summer months, with varying levels of complexity based on player skill level.
  • The game uses the patent pending PlaySmart Dice system, a uniquely numbered 12-sided dice system that makes harder to learn math facts easy to remember with masterfully conceived game play.
  • Comes with two dry erase markers and two decks of strategy cards.
  • Award winning game great for game nights, family play or classroom fun. Winner of 2019 Parents Choice Gold Award, Mom's Choice Gold Award, and more.
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