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An entire play set including the patented Bug Vacuum and the Critter Barn habitat all in one. This creates a complete catch and release learning experience for kids so they can enjoy nature and learn at the same time. The Bug Vacuum lights up bugs then suck 'em up! The patented Bug Vacuum is fun indoors and outside. Safely capture a variety of bugs, study them with the built in magnifier, and set them free. The ultimate toy for exploring nature. Safe for kids and bugs. The Critter Barn habitat is great for bugs, reptiles, fish and frogs. It has a built-in light for day and night use. It even holds water. Built in magnifier makes watching critters fun. The handle folds down for storage. The lid is removable, so kids can load the habitat with rocks, leaves, bug and critters. So, catch insects with the Bug Vacuum and store them in the Critter Barn. The habitat even holds water, so it works for fish and frogs too. Requires 4 AA batteries, included!

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