Zipes Speed Pipes!!

Sequins change color with swipe of your hand.

80 minute water resistant sun screen, SPF 30+,with (Strawberry) and without (Tangerine) glitter. NO PABA, Parabens, Cinnamates or Benzones.  

​Bug spray with gold glitter, SPF 30+, all natural from Citronella Oil, Vanilla, Peppermint Oil, Cedar Oil and Lemongrass Oil. Roll and Rub.

Waboba Catch

New Arrivals

Draw in sequins with stylus or finger. Erase and draw again. Decorate frame. 6 +

Kinoptik Animonster

Use super soft modeling dough and mold! Reusable dough in multiple colors will not dry out..


Make Lego-like bricks!!

Rock and Roll It

Flexible 49 key piano.  Uses batteries or

USB cable (included).  Play and 

​record.  Book color coded..

Ambidextrous glove and ball that bounces on water!!

Mermaid Bracelets -

                       3 Styles

                       Sequins change color with                            swipe of your hand

Remote control cars race through pipes.  Make loops or up the wall.  Cars illuminated.

​Ages 5-7.

Build a maze, then use cards to program Colby the mouse to races through maze to find the cheese.


Sequin Drawing

Learn to Build - Basic and Pastel kits

Sequin Pillows

Build and animate creatures using magnetic monster parts. 

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Bluetooth Speakers